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Member Secret Identity: (Actor) Weapon Bio
Battle Japan
Den Masao : (Tanioka Hiroki)
Den Masao
Den is the leader of the team.  The consummate Japanese martial artist, Den trained in Judo, Karate, etc.  It is known he also spent time training with the Tsukikage ninja family. He grew up in Fubuki Village, where the Mizukumi Festival is held once every 10 years. Over the course of the series, he encounters several high school classmates who need his help.  Highly intelligent, if there is a mystery to be solved it is usually Battle Japan that figures it out.   Ever stoic and strong, Den is a model Japanese Defense Department agent, and  the most trustworthy and reliable member of the team. 

In my opinion, the design of Battle Japan's costume is one of the best ranger designs in all of Super Sentai.

Note:  Battle Japan also made a cameo appearance for the Super Sentai vs. GaoRanger 25th Anniversary Sentai Movie.  
Battle Cossack
Shiraishi Kensaku : (Ito Yukio - Who also starred as MidoRanger in GoRangers)

Jin Makoto : (Ban Daisuke - Famous for his role as Jiro in  Kikaida!   He also played Inazuman and numerous cameos in other Sentai shows)
Jin Makoto

Sais Kensaku was born in Central Asia, and spent much of his youth in an orphanage.  When the priest who ran the orphanage was killed before his eyes, Kensaku was found and raised by Testuzan shogun.   Following in the Shogun's profession, he joined the Defense Department and studied under Keiko's Uncle, Segawa.  In his off time, Kensaku was almost obsessed with playing pachinko.  Kensaku was the most gentle and kind member of the team, until he was killed in the line of duty.

Jin was Kensaku's friend and rival in the Defense Department.   He is a scientist as well as an expert sharp shooter.  His brother, Akira was killed by the Shogun of Darkness several years earlier.  His brother's death made Jin somewhat of a loner, the strong silent type.  He does things without the others, but is perhaps the smartest and most resourceful.

I was never really sure why they used a sphinx head for a Russian Cossack character and not a fleece cap, but the design makes him stand out.   He is also one of the only orange rangers in the Super Sentai universe.

Note:  I was especially honored and excited, when Ito Yukio actually emailed me after visiting this website and expressed his appreciation for remembering his work!!
Battle France
Shida Kyosuke : (Kurachi Yuuhei)
Fencing Foil Kyosuke was trained in France.  He speaks French, likes the food, the fashion, and of course the women.  Being a ladies man, he was often seen in the company of Diane.  In is off time, he works as a beautician.  Early in the series, he is portrayed as somewhat of a fop and playboy, but later on he takes his job much more seriously.  He was also a champion, tournament winning fencer.  He and Shiro love ribbing each other.

The crest at the top of France's helmet is actually a Japanese chonmage, worn by the samurai of the Edo era.  Again, not sure why they would put this on a French character, otherwise not a bad design.
Battle Kenya
Akebono Shiro : (Ohba Kenji - Famous for his role as Space Sheriff Gavan.  He also played Denji Blue in Denji Man and numerous cameos in other Sentai shows.  He also had a cameo as the sushi assistant in Kill Bill, Vol. 1)
Whip Shiro trained in Africa.   He spent time working with his friend Tsuyoshi working to preserve wildlife.  He claims that he can talk to the animals, and continues to work with lost animals in Japan.  The ultimate outdoorsman, he can not only survive in the wilderness, but longs for jungles and plains of Africa.  As a tracker, he has a heightened sense of smell. He has a voracious apppetite, and can eat almost anything.  He is very rugged and easily the most fun character. 

The design of Battle Kenya's costume is not too dissimilar to Marvel's Black Panther character.

Note:  In 2011, Ohba Kenji reprised his role as Battle Kenya in the 35th Anniversay Sentai Series Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.)
Miss America
Diane Martin : (D. Martin)
Diane Martin

Nagissa Maria : (Hagi Nahomi)
Nagissa Maria

Throwing Knives Diane was a FBI agent pursuing Egos in Japan when ther father was killed and she joined BF.  She is sort of a stereotype of American women, obsessed with shopping and fashion.  Her character never developed much beyond that.  She was disabled in episode 24 and returns with her sister Catherine to New York.

Maria was sent by Testuzan Shogun to America to train with the FBI.   When she was a little girl, she failed to act and a boy drowned to death, an incident which haunts her and drives her to protect life.  She has one cousin Yoshiko who is the same age and attended grade school with her.  She is fun loving and enjoys ghost stories.   Although  determined and independent, she is still feminine and longs to be a beautiful bride.  When I was 6, I had such a crush on her!

Just as Toei had created their own version of Spider-man, Miss America was loosely based on Marvel's Miss America Character.  Some people think that Miss America's costume doesn't look very good, but the design is actually a strikingly similar homage to Marvel's original Miss America character.

Penta Force


Commando Bird (Beam)


Support Crew

Character : (Actor) Role
Kurama Tetsuzan Shogun : (Azuma Chiyonosuke)
Tetsuzan was the shogun for Japan's Ministery of Defense.  He formed Battle Fever to protect Japan from the world wide Egos cult.  He is the brains of BF and their commander, but that doesn't mean he can't fight.  He is a master swordsman of the Tetsuzan One Sword Style.  He is the strong, smart, stern father figure.
Nakahara Keiko
Keiko is one of the operatives that runs the undersea base.
Ueda Tomoko
Ueda Tomoko
Tomoko is the other operative that runs the undersea base.
Nakahara Masaru
Masaru is Keiko's younger brother in the 2nd grade.  He is innocent and gets into trouble.  He is the character that us little kid viewers were supposed to project ourselves upon in the series.
Ueda Yuki
Ueda Yuki
Yuki is Tomoko's younger sister.  A little older than Masaru's age.  She serves the same role as Masaru, for the female viewers.
Kyutaro is the fantastic robot mynah bird which always squaked in his cage.  Everyone needs a pet after all.  But Kyutaro often had insight into the situation (like birds can sense danger).  He even proved to have a built in freezing blast built in for emergencies.


Character Role
Saturn Egos (Satan Egos)
Satan Egos
This was the evil war god that the Egos cult followed.  His goal was the moral corruption of mankind.   His plots would frequently promote the baser instincts in the general propulace, such as greed, avarice, and sloth.   His followers are lured to him by promises of personal success, if they are willing to forego any moral reservations, such as the killing of rivals.  True to his namesake as the devil, he has caused mass destruction and the corruption of society.
Monster Making Capsule
              Making Capsule
Every week, Egos would use the Monster Making Capsule to create a new kaijin for Battle Fever to fight.   The monster making capsule would use raw materials such fish, earthworms, or sometimes even human beings to create demonic kaijin, giving the kaijin the properties and abilities of the original material.
Commander Hedda (Ishibashi Masashi - who is a veteran actor famous for playing villans in Super Sentai shows, such as Iron Claw in JAKQ.)
Hedda was the commander of all the Egos forces.  He dispatched the armies and served the will of his master Saturn Egos.  He also was a master of the Jashin Style, which emphasized doing anything underhanded to win.

Note: In the original broadcast, Commander Hedda is played by a much older man, Ushio Kenji.  He was replaced in episode 9, by Ishibashi Masashi.   In fact for the DVD release, Toei went back and redid the earlier episodes with Ishibashi, so the original broadcast is one of the only places to see Ushio Kenji in the role.
Sarome (Ueda Maki)
Sarome was the second in command.  Prior to that she was a fighter and crime boss known as the world's strongest woman.

Battle Fever Robo

Battle Fever Robo 
BF Robo
Weapons:  Check out the AWESOME Soul of Chogokin GX-30 die-cast model of the ultimate samurai mecha!
Watch the Battle Fever Robo in action!

Note:  The Battle Fever Robo made a cameo appearance in the 25th Anniversary Sentai Movie, and another, stunningly rendered in CGI, in the Gokaigers vs Goseiger: 199 Heroes movie.
Battle Shark 
Battle Shark
  • Claw
  • Wave Motion Gun (an homage to Uchuu Senkan Yamato)
  • Port Missles
  • Starbord Missles (never used)
  • Oxygen Bomb
Watch the Battle Shark in flight!

Note:  Battle Shark also made a cameo appearance in the 25th Anniversary Sentai Movie

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