Amazing!   We're living in golden days my friend.   If you were to ask me where to find Battle Fever stuff, when I first opened this site, I would've told you that it is quickly becoming a forgotten treasured memory of the past.  But after all of these years, Battle Fever merchandise is available again!  I don't make any profit off of the links here, they are merely provided for convenience.  So please keep that in mind while you're shopping....

CDs & DVDs

After all of these years, you can watch Battle Fever again, and we're not talking about faded collector's copies of tapes either.   Battle Fever recently became available on DVD!!   The catch is that they are Region 2 DVDs, which means that you are going to need an all region DVD player in order to play them  (but you can buy one here).  The other thing is that they are in the original Japanese without any subtitles.   So that poses another difficulty for English speaking audiences.  For that reason, I have made my original tapes available for download.  But if you want to watch a clean copy, then you should buy the DVDs.

[View Cover]

[View Cover]

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You can also buy Battle Fever music CDs these days.   I've made the main songs available on mp3.   But if you want all of the instrumental background music, karaoke versions of songs, etc. then you should pick up the CDs.  They're pretty cheap for import CDs too!

Complete Background Music Score
[View Cover]
Complete Vocal Soundtrack
[View Cover]
CD 3
30th Anniversary Sentai CD
[View Cover]

Battle Japan also made a cameo appearance in the Super Sentai 25th Anniversary Movie:

Sentai 25th Anniversary
[View Poster]


Soul of Chogokin GX-30

Probably the ultimate in Battle Fever memorabilia is the AWESOME Soul of Chogokin GX-30.  If you've never heard of the Soul of Chogokin series, Bandai has recently been re-releasing extremely detailed and articulate full die-cast metal toys of all of the giant robo mecha that they released in the 70's and 80's.  The series is fantastic, and aimed at the adult collectors who grew up with these toys 30 years ago.  When I saw that they were releasing one of the Battle Fever robo, I literally jumped for joy.  This guy is an absoulte thing of beauty, and a must have of any mecha or tokusatsu fan...

GX-30 Box Cover     GX-30 Box Back

GX-30 Manual 1  GX-30 Manual 2  GX-30 Manual 3

You can watch a video of someone reviewing their GX-30 here (part 1, 2, 3)

There is also an excellent and detailed review of the GX-30 done by Tet's Toys!

If you're in Honolulu, I've seen the GX-30 on sale at Toys-n-Joys.
But it might be cheaper to buy it from Yes Asia or off of eBay.

New I recently had some fun playing with my own GX-30.   Coupled with my wife's incredibly prodigious Photoshop skills
and I am proud to present some new exclusive, Full HD wallpapers featuring the Battle Fever Robo GX-30 in my wallpaper section.

Other Stuff

A Battle Japan action figure is also featured in the
30th Super Sentai Anniversary "All Red Rangers" collection.

Sentai 30 Red
[Buy from Toys-n-Joys]

There are also some Battle Fever Gashapon 2" mini-figures, released for the sentai 30th Anniversary,
(the kind you would find with trading cards or in a coin-op vending machine)
but I haven't been able to find any available anywhere!  =(


There is also apparently a trading card game out there, called Rangers Strike,
which features all of the Super Sentai and Kamen Riders.
Battle Fever is featured in 2 cards of the game.

RS-003        Rangers Strike
              Vol 2      RS-346

Older Toys

Here are some pictures of some of the older Battle Fever toys that Bandai came out with in the 80's.   These days, they're practically impossible to find.  So if you can find one, it's a real collector's item!   Even I don't have any of these, as much as I would love to have one.  
toys     old robo

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