Episode Guide 

People have been asking me for years if they could borrow my tapes to watch them. Unfortunately, since my tapes were quite fragile, I would generally shy away from making copies or letting people borrow them.   But with today's bandwidth and hard drive sizes, I've made my copy of the entire series, from the orignal broadcast in Hawaii available for download via Torrent.

Ep # Episode Title Kaijin (Monster) Featured
AV Quality
1 "Rush to the Baseball Field" Bat Kaijin
Bat Kaijin

A series of murders of high officials by a woman carrying a poison tipped red umbrella has Tetsuzan Shogun call together 4 Dept. of Defense agents.  When they track down and catch a woman with a red umbrella, she turns out to be Diane Martin, an FBI agent from America trying to flush out the assassin.   She and her father, Mr. Foster, have come to Japan pursuing Egos, a secret terrorist cult lead by the evil Satan Egos, that has wreaked havoc across the world.  However, before Mr. Foster is able to return to America, he is killed by the assassin.   Heartbroken, Diane joins the other 4 agents, as Miss America, to avenge her father’s death.   They are given special suits that enhance their combat abilities to fight the evil Egos and become Battle Fever!
2 (I couldn't tell) (Never knew his name)

A student named Miyoko, comes home having been beaten for the top spot in her class by her classmate Hidemi.  She prays hard to curse her rival, and Egos answers her prayers by killing Hidemi, making it appear as a suicide. Meanwhile, a businessman named Sakuta wants to be promoted to Chief of Kaguya Commerce.  His rival Nakai then mysteriously dies in a car crash, right in front of Battle France and Miss America.   Battle Fever traces Miyoko and Sakuta to a place called Future Dojo, where if you pray hard enough all your dreams will come true (because Egos will curse your rivals!).    This is how Egos recruits members.  So Battle France, Shida Kyosuke, infiltrates Future Dojo to expose Egos.
3 "Find the Spy" Death Mask
Death Mask

While the members of Battle Fever joke around in their base, Battle Japan, Den Masao, has been acting strangely aloof and disappears.  Later Tetsuzan Shogun arrives saying that the blueprints for Battle Fever’s giant robo look like they have been tampered with.   Battle Fever searches for Masao, and find that he has been shopping blueprint photos around to a magazine editor.  He is then referred to meet with a mysterious woman in a coffee shop interested in buying the photos.  When he is ambushed by Egos, Battle Fever rescues him but accuses him of being a traitor!  Only then do they discover, he has been shopping around fake blueprints to expose the Egos spies.
4 "A Trap of Magic Powers" Bengal Tiger,
Psychic Kaijin

Egos attacks the Defense Department’s research facilities, kidnapping researcher Segawa.  Segawa was the supervisor of Battle Cossack, Shiraishi Kensaku, who worries for his old mentor.  He is also the uncle of Battle Fever support operator, Keiko.   Egos is trying to learn the nature of the secret weapon Battle Fever is building (their giant robo).  To pry the knowledge from Segawa’s mind, Egos calls in a psychic from India, Bengal Tiger.  As Segawa doesn’t know anything about the mecha, Bengal Tiger can’t extract anything and kills him.   Unfortunately, Keiko and Kensaku don’t know that he’s Egos, and approach him to help them find psychically track down Segawa.   This makes Keiko Bengal Tiger’s next target.   But Battle Fever protects her and exposes Bengal Tiger.
5 "Battle of the Flying Robots" Buffalo Kaijin
BF Robo

Egos kidnaps the children of Information Supervisor Sakaguchi, Yoko and Kenichi.   They then blackmail him into stealing the blueprints and completion status of the Battle Fever robo.   Tetsuzan Shogun, who joined the Defense Department at the same time as Sakaguchi, is greatly concerned and confronts him.  Sakaguchi escapes but vows to make amends.  He appears at Egos factory, where they too are building a giant robo, and discloses a false timetable.  When Egos orders them killed, Sakaguchi reveals dynamite strapped to his body.   He backs away with his children and gets them to safety.   He then returns to the factory, and blows himself up to destroy it.   Unfortunately, his sacrifice is in vain, as their evil robo is already completed.   But Battle Fever’s giant robo is also complete and ready to save the day!

NOTE: This episode makes TV history, as Battle Fever uses the first Giant Robo Mecha in a Sentai Series!
6 "Release the Almighty Submarine" Earthen Figure Kaijin
              Figure Kaijin
BF Robo

Egos disguises their kaijin as an earthen figure in a shrine nearby Okomisaki Radar Base.   When the figure shines and attracts the attention of some MPs from the base, they take it within the base for investigation.   Naturally, this Trojan horse allows Egos to capture the radar base.   With it they are able to give false headings to the Battle Shark submarine, and send it into an ambush.  Battle Fever must find a way in to the radar base to recapture it.  Luckily, a secret entrance has been discovered by some junior explorers.

Comment:  Kind of a thin plot, but the best giant robo battle, where he uses all of his special weapons.
7 "Burn the Houses" Fireball Kaijin

An arsonist has been setting a series of fires, and Kensaku discovers a strange boy entranced by the fires.   When Kensaku tracks down the boy, as a possible lead to the fires, he discovers that the boy’s parents were killed in a similar fire, and that the boy now has premonitions of when the next fires will occur.  The boy, Hideo, has also suffered amnesia since the fire that killed his parents.   As Kensaku was also an orphan living in Central Asia, before being raised by Tetsuzan Shogun, he is empathetic to Hideo.   He tries to encourage the boy by teaching him to use the slingshot.   It is later revealed that Hideo’s nurse is the arsonist.  When she tries to silence him, he recovers his memory, including where he had followed the arsonist to after she burned his house.  Egos has been burning people who refused to join them, including Hideo’s parents.   Battle Cossack then infiltrates the arsonists’ lair to take down the arsonists and avenge Hideo’s parents. 

NOTE:  The first episode with the robot mynah bird Kyutaro.

Comment: Battle Cossack does this move where he braces himself at the top of a narrow alley.  When I was little, I loved this move, and kept trying to accomplish it in the hallway.  Kinda dangerous in retrospect, but a good memory nonetheless.
8 "The Secret of the Steel-Armed Pitcher" Sports Kaijin

A young boy named Koji, is frustrated at losing a baseball game.   Koji’s brother, Koichi was a high school classmate of Masao (Battle Japan), and had died in a car accident.   So Masao encourages Koji to practice hard.   Koji's friend Jin Taiichi, then suddenly emerges as a fantastic baseball player of major league abilities, after joining the Prodigy Sports Club.  Masao investigates and finds out Egos has replaced him with an android. Their scheme; to lure children into effortlessly becoming sports prodigies by joining Egos.   When Koji succumbs to the temptation to join the club, Masao saves him by putting a transmitter on the fake Taiichi and following him to where all the children are being held.
9 "The Woman of Ice Country" Icicle Kaijin

A series of firearms robberies is being committed by a motorcycle gang using Battle Fever’s name.  Anyone who pursues them, including Battle Kenya, is met with an iced over road.  When photos of the gang are revealed, one member turns out to be another of Masao’s high school classmates, Katayama Shinchiro.  When Masao visits Katayama’s sister, he finds out that their younger brother, Isamu, is in the hospital for a bad kidney.  Katayama had turned to crime to raise enough money to save his brother.  But he helps Masao track down the Egos kaijin to redeem himself, and is injured as a result.   In the end, with Katayama facing prison time, each member of Battle Fever personally contributes money to Isamu’s operation.

NOTE: A new younger, better looking actor is used for Commander Hedda.
10 "I Saw the Nauman Elephant" Nauman Kaijin

Egos is stealing fossils of the Nauman elephant (Mammoth), to enhance the power of their latest kaijin.  When Egos attacks a paleontology class, Akebono Shiro (Battle Kenya), who had been homesick for the outdoors of Africa, arrives to protect them.  Unfortunately when he encounters the Egos kaijin, he is outmatched.  Meanwhile, the Nauman Association is holding a contest to archeologists who can discover the Nauman Grave.  Figuring this as ploy to expedite their fossil gathering efforts, Shiro masquerades as a reporter to infiltrate the Nauman Association and expose Egos.
11 "The Case of the Kidnapped Pets" Cobra Kaijin
Cobra Kaijin

Three elementary school boys, who are bad students but love animals are assigned to take care of the school pets.   But they are victims of a rash of thefts of elementary school pets.   Shiro, who also loves animals, is outraged at the thefts begins an investigation.  Egos is stealing all the pets to break the spirits of Japan’s children.  He befriends the 3 boys, and Battle Fever loans them the robot mynah Kyutaro as bait for Egos kaijin.  They are all captured, but Kyutaro transmits a homing signal so Battle Fever can rescue them and all the pets.
12 "The Curse of Snow and Wind" Rose Flower Fairy,
Bavarinka Kaijin

Egos creates a pied piper sort of kaijin.  Her purpose; to hypnotize children into fighting with their parents.   Battle Fever’s investigation leads them to a new beautiful teacher at school.  She turns out to be a fencer an par with even Battle France.  When they encounter the kaijin she reveals her intention to turn Japan into a place where unruly children do whatever they want, similar to Pinocchio’s Pleasure Island.  But they discover that since she’s an Egos kaijin and not a true flower, she has a negative reaction to soil.   They use this reaction to expose the teacher’s true nature.
13 "The Golden Egg and Fried Egg" Egg Kaijin
Egg Kaijin

Some children discover a rooster that has a golden crown.  A boy named Yuuichi takes the rooster home, where his family discovers that the rooster can lay eggs like a hen.  Not just mere eggs, but delicious golden shell eggs, which when eaten grants miraculous things to the consumer, like curing Papa’s bad back, clearing Mama’s complexion, and making you a member of Egos.   Anyone who eats the eggs, including Keiko, loses all sense of responsibility, thus effectively shutting down all of Japan.  Battle Cossack searches for a way to expose the chicken without endangering the people who are under its spell and harboring it.  

Comment:  This Kaijin is ridiculous.  But I remember when I was little thinking that he was incredibly funny, and laughing out loud a lot at his antics.  This episode also made eggs look so delicious.
14 "The Marraige of the Beauty & the Beast" Galaxian Kaijin

In order to breed new Egos members, the Egos kaijin selects a beautiful girl born on Leap Day, Feb 29th., Mizusawa Kumiko, to be his bride (sort of a demonic sex rite).  Initially, the kaijin kidnaps and replaces her boyfriend Yohei, to trick her into marrying him.   However, when Kumiko’s sister catches him lighting a cigarette with his thumb, Battle Fever works to expose his ruse.   Although under Battle Fever’s protection, because Egos still has Yohei, and also targets her sister, Kumiko surrenders and agrees to marry the kaijin  in exchange for sparing their lives.   Kyosuke (Battle France) begins a search of all the churches and shrines to find Kumiko before the wedding ceremony is complete.

Comment: A nice Japanese wedding ceremony, if you’ve never seen one.
15 "Egos' Hades Cooking" Escargo Kaijin

Egos brings in a beautiful sharpshooter from France named Catherine.    They use her as part of a French cooking demonstration that hands out samples of escargot.  One spoiled portly little boy, who doesn’t appreciate the food he’s got, and is only interested in rich food like Escargot, devours all of her samples.   Shortly thereafter, his fingernails turn blue, and he’s marked with the Egos mark.  Kyosuke (Battle France) discovers distraught little boy and begins investigating Catherine.  When Shiro eats one of the escargot, they discover that tthey’re not tainted at all.   So Kyosuke goads the spoiled little boy into springing the Egos ploy.   Egos reveals that the poison is not in the food but on the fork, and they try to entice the boy into joining Egos and converting his friends.   However, Catherine turns out to be an undercover Interpol agent and helps save the boy.

NOTE: The Penta Force attack is changed from cannon to spinning projectile.   BF Robo uses Electric Sword instead of Cross Fever as its finishing move.  They stay this way for the rest of the series.
16 "Dark Queen of Fighters" Fighting Kaijin

All of Japan’s famous pro fighters are being assaulted and murdered.   Meanwhile, Kyosuke and Diane discover a secret underground no holds barred fighting ring, dominated by the mysterious Black Tiger Mari.   Sensing an Egos ploy, Masao disguises himself as the trainer for boxing champion Okiyama Mitsuru.  When Egos solicits Mitsuru, he agrees to an illegal fight, as long as Egos releases Mari, who turns out to be his half sister.  Mari, who joined Egos in order to be a dark fighter doesn’t want to be saved.   But when she fears for her brother’s life, she fights the Egos kaijin in his place and dies before his eyes.   In the end, although Egos extinguished her life, they couldn’t extinguish her love for her brother.
17 "Steal the Monster Machine" Blue Veign Kaijin
Blue Vein

The arrogant Professor Torishima has designed a fantastic race car called the Monster Machine.   Naturally Egos wants to coerce him into designing their latest giant robo.   But they mistakenly approach the professor’s idiot twin brother, an eccentric inventor or nonsensical machines.   When he gives them absurd plans, they kidnap him and the Monster Machine.   Luckily the professor built in a tracking device that leads Battle Fever to the rescue.
18 "Hurry to the Pidgeon's Evil Nest" Magnetic Kaijin

Kensaku has been helping a boy named Kazuki train his pigeon, Ryuseigo, to fly to a special whistle that not only emits sound but special magnetic waves.  Kazuki’s father, Professor Iwamoto has been missing for months, having been kidnapped by Egos to build a secret weapon for them.   When Professor Iwamoto excapes from their research facilities, Kazuki hides him in a secret hideout beneath their house.  Unfortunately, Egos recaptures him and threatens Kazuki’s life if he doesn’t cooperate.   The professor consents to go going only if he can bring Ryuseigo with him.  When he completes the weapon and Egos is ready to dispose of him, Ryuseigo is his only hope of rescue.
19 "The World's Strongest Beauty" Sarome,

Sarome, a pro wrestler woman has arrived in Japan.   She assaults 2 police officers, and takes their uniforms.   With her gang dressed as police officers, she assaults armored cars, banks, and stores.  Her violent assaults cause a great deal of panic.  Satan Egos wants to solicit their new rival, when it is revealed that she is Hedda’s pupil, and was a major assassin at the Egos American branch.  As she’s planning a robbery of the government bank, Battle Fever catches her.   But she had merely let them capture her to find out the location of their secret base.  

NOTE: First Episode with Sarome
20 "Dangerous Ghost Hunting" Gizaba Kaijin

The girls at a college dormitory, some of Keiko’s childhood friends, are terrified at night of a ghost.   A girl named Emi had apparently jumped from the room upstairs several nights prior, and they have been hearing footsteps at night, and rooms appear searched.   So Shiro and Kensaku attempt to dress as girls to stay with them in the dormitory that night, only to be kicked out by the strict sensei (something like Bosom Buddies).  When Shiro finally is able to sneak in that night, they discover that Emi’s little sister has been hiding in the dorm.   She reveals that Emi had not actually jumped, but was murdered by Egos, and that Egos was still searching the dorm for Emi’s pendant.   When Masao and Kyosuke are able to get into the dorm, they find out that the sensei had stolen the pendant herself, as her husband had embezzled money and was in debt.   When they recover the pendant, they find that it is made of a meteorite that contains extra-terrestrial chromosomes, which Egos could use to make more fearful kaijin.
21 "Hurry to Dinosaur Peninsula (pt .1)" Dinosaur Kaijin,
Intelligence Squad 01 & 02

Masao encounters an old man being pursued by Egos.    When he rescues him, Battle Fever finds that the man is from Noto Penninsula, and that he is carrying a knife with an inscription on it, “Bonfire on the Dragon’s Head, 5 miles NorthWest in the nose”.   The man, Senzo, also appears to be suffering from amnesia since the assault.   Figuring the inscription to be the location of a hidden Viking treasure, Battle Fever rushes to Noto Peninsula to protect it from Egos.  Unfortunately, Egos uses 2 kagemusha ninja women to attack them en route and steal the knife.  When they get to Noto, they meet Senzo’s daughter Shinobu, and begin searching for the Dragon’s head.  During the search, Senzo absently wanders off, and they find him at the Bonfire Shrine (but still no Dragon’s head).  Masao then realizes that Noto Peninsula itself looks like a Dragon’s head.   In a cave, 5 miles northwest of bonfire shrine they find the treasure chest.  Unfortunately, Shinobu has be captured and replaced by the Egos ninja, and although they get her back, they lose the treasure chest to Egos.
22 "Hurry to Dinosaur Peninsula (pt .2) The Revenge of the Women Spy" Dinosaur Kaijin,
Intelligence Squad 01 & 02
01 & 02

The treasure chest that Egos got turns out to be full of rocks.    Egos figures that Battle Japan has switched the treasure. Threatening the lives of Senzo and Shinobu, the Egos ninjas capture and try to torture the information out of him by drowning him.   When he doesn’t know anything, they drag him to from the back their boat to kill him, but Kyosuke and Kensaku rescue him from under the water.   Knowing that Egos doesn’t have the treasure either, Masao figures out that Senzo has been faking his amnesia and that he switched the treasure himself earlier and has been using Battle Fever as bodyguards.  But when Senzo reveals the treasure, Egos attacks!
23 "Showdown! The Appearance of Many Monsters" Ghost Kaijin
Ghost Kaijin

While they’re busy playing video games (Space Invaders!), Egos issues a challenge to the defense department.   Their new kaijin has the ability to make shadow decoys, and with their hearts not really in the fight, Battle Fever is beaten badly.    Furious with them for their lack of seriousness, Tetsuzan Shogun reviews their past victories with them.   He reviews the launch of the Battle Fever Robo (Ep. 5 & 6), Masao’s investigation of the Prodigy Sports Club (Ep. 8), Kensaku and the golden crowned chicken (Ep. 13), Kyosuke’s exposure of the tainted escargot (Ep. 15), Shiro’s fight with the Nauman Elephant (Ep. 10), and Diane’s vow to avenge her father (Ep. 1).   With their fighting spirit and bushido code restored, they are ready to continue the fight against Egos.

Comment: It’s a flashback episode with clips from previous episodes, but it is a fun montage of past Battle Fever, and the underlying lesson in Bushido makes a good frame story.  There are days at work when, like everyone,  I get tired and I just don’t feel like working.  But, I can’t help but remember this episode, and I tell myself to put my heart into it.
24 "Diane Overthrown" Dracula Kaijin

Diane’s sister Catherine, comes to Japan from New York for a visit.  She is escorted by Nagissa Maria, an agent that Tetsuzan Shogun sent to America to train with the FBI.  Additionally, before he died, Diane’s father personally supervised her training.  However, before they can rendezvous with her, Egos captures Catherine.  The Egos American branch, in tracking Mr. Foster, deduced that Diane was Miss America.   So using Catherine as bait, they trap Diane.   Attempting to torture her, with vampiric blood loss, Diane narrowly escapes.   However, too seriously injured to fight, she asks Maria to take her place as Miss America.     In the end, although she has healed, with her identity exposed, she returns to New York with her sister, leaving Maria in her place.

NOTE: Nagissa Maria replaces Diane Martin as Miss America for the rest of the series.

25 "Mystery of the Movie Studio" Magic Kaijin
Magic Kaijin

Tojo Studios is sponsoring a mini-car race, to encourage youth mental and physical strength development.  Meanwhile, Kyosuke is enamored with the famous actress Kurihara Sayuri.  However, as Egos is trying to subvert these virtues, they sabotage the race by making the racers disappear.  As Kyosuke, Maria, and Keiko search for the racers, they have trouble distinguishing reality from the movie filming going on, wandering into a gangster movie, a runaway train, and an obake horror set.  Disguised as Sayuri, Egos traps and nearly drowns Kyosuke.  Finally, they catch up with the racers on a burning jidaigeki samurai drama set. 

26 "The Masked Report from the Bandaged Man" Bandage Kaijin

Egos has been lurking at sites of previous battles, trying to use plaster and sorcery to uncover the identities of Battle Fever.    When Maria tries to investigate, she saves a young boy, Akira, from a car accident, who mistakes Maria for his sister.    Akira’s real sister, had drowned before his eyes trying to save his life, and he never recovered from the shock.   Now, following the near accident, he is in danger of going blind.   When she was a young girl, Maria ran away and let a young boy drown.   Now, hearing Akira call her with the same voice, she is haunted by her past failing and vows to be there for him.   However, Egos knowing the boy’s attraction to Maria, captures him and uses him to magically sculpt Maria’s face.   With their faces now exposed, and using Akira as bait, Battle Fever becomes an easy target.  However, with Shiro’s heightened senses, they escape the trap.   In the end, when Akira regains his sight and realizes that Maria is not his real sister, she tells him to continue to thinking of her as one.

NOTE: Battle Fever’s secret identities are exposed.

27 "Be Careful of the Robber of Your First Love" Black Masked Kaijin
Black Mask

Egos targets the young Yuki, sister of Battle Fever support operator, Tomoko.   They build a handsome young android, named Takeshi to seduce her.   She finds meets him sitting by the seashore blowing a shell, and is instantly captivated by him.   He gives her a shell pendant to wear and impresses her with his diving ability.  Later she meets him in the park, where he sketches her.   When she invites him back to her place for a melon, Takeshi secrets plants a transmitter in Tomoko’s lipstick.  Tracing the signal, Egos finds one of the secret entrances to Battle Fever’s base.   But with automated defenses, and a sliding wall, they are able to divert the assault squad out to the ocean.   Once they are defeated, Battle Fever discovers the transmitter and deduce Takeshi’s involvement.   The completely smitten Yuki won’t believe them, and secretly rendezvous with him.  When Battle Fever confronts him, he threatens her life.  Luckily Kyosuke is able to save her.  But he switches the shell pendant with a bomb that she takes back into Battle Fever’s base.   This time, it is the robot mynah Kyutaro who detects the bomb just in time.  Leaving Kyosuke and Tomoko to tend to Yuki’s broken heart.

28 "Chase the Unidentified Boat" Jellyfish Kaijin

Shiro and the girls are vacationing in beautiful Kamakura, when Shiro encounteres a boy, Tetsuya, whose mother is being held captive by Egos and whose father is being forced to dive in the sea to search for Battle Fever’s secret base.   Thinking that their secret operations have been exposed, Egos attacks Shiro and Maria.  However, this prompts Shiro to earnestly investigate Tetsuya’s story. Finding Tetsuya’s family hostage, they submit to captivity.   Luckily the others come to rescue them before Egos can drown them from the back of a speed boat.

29 "Did You See the Torn Mouth Lady?" Torn Mouth Lady Kaijin
Torn Mouth
              Lady Kaijin

A woman walks around Tokyo with a surgical mask on (as if she has a cold).  She stops people and asks them if she’s beautiful.  When they reply yes, she takes off her mask, and shows that her mouth has been split from ear to ear.  She then asks “how about now?” and pursues her victims.  When Yuki sees her, Tomoko asks for Battle Fever’s help.   At first no one believes her, except Maria, who decides to investigate, just in time to save Tomoko from being attacked.  Battle Fever suspects Egos of using the legend to cause a panic.  Shiro tunes in to the radio program of a disk jockey,  Kosaka Shizuka, who tells stories of the Torn-Mouth Lady.  In this version, she is the daughter of a tofu maker, who didn’t like her mouth, and had an failed operation on it 21 times, before becoming an obake.  When Maria and Kyosuke go to question her, her boyfriend reveals many sudden changes in her, such as only craving tofu and being icy cold.  As they pursue her, Maria discovers the real Shizuka and saves her from the Torn-Mouth Lady.

Comment:  This story is based on an infamous Japanese legend of a concubine of a samurai, who was so vain (and probably cheating on him), that he sliced her mouth from ear to ear and said “who would think you're beautiful now?”  She then appears in modern times, exactly as in the episode, as a Japanese ghost called a Kuchisake-Onna. The obake will attack and kill anyone who says she’s beautiful.

30 "The Cook of Strange Foods" Strange Diet Kaijin
Strange Diet

Egos creates a kaijin, based on a starfish, that will desire only the first thing that he ever eats.  So Egos commandos steal Shiro’s clothes and feed them to him.   After the kaijin ravenously devous them, he is primed to eat Battle Kenya!  Meanwhile, Keiko is concerned that although it’s summer, her brother, Masaru, is always indoors playing video games.   So Shiro and the girls drag him to the waterpark, where Shiro tries to teach him to swim.  While there, the kaijin tries to eat Shiro twice, the first time putting yakiniku sauce on him, the second time in the pool as a starfish.  Seeing the starfish, Kyosuke tosses it onto the highway, where it’s run over and shredded to pieces.   However, as a starfish, the pieces have the power to reform into the kaijin (a real starfish can actually regenerate like this!).   As his attempt to eat Shiro from the outside have failed, Sarome comes up with a plan to eat him from the inside.    While they are out camping in the woods, Sarome tricks Masaru into giving Shiro the starfish as a rare delicacy to eat.  After Shiro enthusiastically devours it, it reforms in his stomach and begins to eat him from the inside.   In order to get the kaijin out of his stomach, the others have no choice but to pour poison in his stomach, and hope that his wilderness training and conditioned body can outlast the poison as it expels the kaijin. 

Comment: I loved this episode when I was little.   Every time I watched it though, I wanted to eat a starfish as Shiro made it look so mouthwatering.

31 "Speeding Truck Siblings" Stingy Kaijin

Kensaku runs into an old friend, Testsuo, and his sister Sachiko.   Sachiko is always crying, because her brother, a trucker, can’t keep a job.   He’s always wandering off of his truck route when uninterested, getting into races, and winding up in fist fights.   Feeling sorry for him, Kensaku offers Tetsuo a driving job, when the Defense Department asks Battle Fever to secretly escort 50 billion dollars in gold.  As expected, during the convoy, Egos attacks, and Tetsuo drives off in fear.   When Kensaku tries to protect him, he is caught in an explosion powerful enough to knock him out of his battle suit, and Egos makes off with the truck.   Kensaku entrusts Testsuo with the key, and tells him to run.  Without the key, if Egos tries to force open the truck, it will explode and destroy the gold.   However, when Egos pursuit overwhelms him, Tetsuo tosses the key in the river.  Egos then tosses the kidnaps Sachiko in exchange for the key.  Battle Fever searches for the key, but it is an injured and battered Kensaku who finds it.   During the exchange Egos reneges on their part and takes Sachiko back as insurance.   But Kyosuke puts a transmitter on the key that allows them to find her and recover the stolen gold, and Tetsuo vows to straighten up.

32 (I couldn't tell) Earthworm Kaijin

Masao receives a letter from his childhood friend, Urano Yoshino, inviting him back home to Fubuki Village for the Mizukumi Festival.  The festival is held only once in 10 years, and the person selected kami (god) of the festival has to carry water to the temple for 3 days and nights.  However, when he gets there he discovers that Egos has captured the village elders and if he tries to resist, they will all be killed.   They then drug him, so that he can’t speak, and when he is elected as the kami, they use the religious trial to torture him.   When the Kyosuke and Shiro arrives to participate in the festival, Masao uses eye morse code to inform Kyosuke of the hostages.  However, in their rescue attempt they are captured with the villagers and trapped with a bomb.   It’s up to Kensaku and Maria to rescue everyone before it’s too late.

33 "Cossack Dies" Eagle Kaijin
Eagle Kaijin

While on parol, Kensaku visits the home of his mentor, a researcher with the Defense Department, and his daughter Mayumi.   The professor and his assistant, Kensaku's friend Jin Makoto, have just completed designs for a secret drill missile.  However, Egos arrives, steals the blueprints for the missile, and guns down the professor right before his daughter’s eyes.  As Battle Fever searches for the stolen blueprints, Kensaku is concerned about the well being of Mayumi.   When he visits her, traumatized by her father’s murder, she accuses him of being a murderer, since he is a soldier, and that she can smell blood on his hands.  She can't distinguish that he fights to protect others, only that he kills as well, and forces him to leave.   Meanwhile, thinking the Defense Department suspects him of being a spy, Jin searches for the blueprints on his own to try to clear his name.  Kensaku remembers when he was an orphan, the priest who ran the orphanage was gunned down by gangsters before his eyes for refusing to leave.   Moved by Mayumi’s words and his memories, Kensaku begins to have a crisis of conscience and desparately tries the scrub the blood from his hands (like Lady MacBeth).   He tries to take her on an outing to a dam, leaving his battle suit behind, to cheer her up.    However, when he goes to get drinks for them, she is captured by Egos.  Without his suit, he is gunned down in front of her.   Jin arrives to fend Egos off, but he is too late and Kensaku dies.   Vowing vengeance, Jin takes his uniform and becomes the new Battle Cossack.

NOTE: After Shiraishi Kensaku is killed in the line of duty, Jin Makoto takes his place as the new Battle Cossack.

Comment: This episode touched me tremendously when I was little.   You can read my comments on it here.

34 "Shogun of Darkness Laughs in Hell" Shogun of Darkness,
Semi-Killer Kaijin
Shogun of

An incident involving a shipment of illegal firearms prompts the police to ask for Battle Fever’s help.   The weapons prove to be Killer X P47 handguns; a firearm that was manufactured by the Shogun of Darkness, an illegal arms manufacturer, 5 years prior. While Battle Fever begins searching for the smuggling operation, Jin mysteriously begins his own private search for the Shogun of Darknes, under the guise of a South American buyer.  When he is taken blindfolded to the Shogun’s lair, he tries to assassinate the Shogun.  However although he shoots him squarely in the chest, the Shogun does not die, and Jin gets thrown off a cliff in a car.   Although Battle Fever recovers him, Jin mysteriously tenders his resignation.  He then tries to develop a more powerful armor piercing weapon.   When he retraces his path to the Shogun’s lair (purely by sounds), he makes it in and successfully shoots the Shogun.   But the Shogun of Darkness turns out to be an Egos kaijin, and Jin is trapped.  Luckily, the others arrive in time to save him.   In the end, they learn that Jin’s brother, Akira, was killed by the Shogun of Darkness in an investigation 2 years prior, and that he just didn’t want to involve them in his personal vendetta.

35 "Starving Panic" Monster Godaigyo (Sea Monster)

Egos unleashes a brilliant, multi-layered plan to wreak havoc on Japan’s economy.  First they terrorize and destroy all of the fishing boats. Then they split Tokyo, by using a huge 190 car accident to destroy the Tomei highway, so that more fish cannot come in from the Kansai region.  They then use Tozai Supermarket to charge increasingly outrageous fish prices.   Finally, they use the critic Otaguro to spread panic using the mass media.   Their scheme unfolds perfectly, and as fish is a staple commodity to the Japanese, every other item begins increasing radically in price, sending Japan’s economy spiraling downward (unnervingly similar to our own gasoline crisis today).  When Tomoko reveals that she bought fish near the town of Chiba for much cheaper, Battle Fever begins investigating the Tozai Supermarket.   In trying to trace where they are getting their fish, Kyosuke and Shiro nearly get themselves blown up.  Then, under cover as Tozai Supermarket employees, Maria and the girls get trapped in the freezer and nearly frozen to death.  Luckily Shiro returns to see the Tozai manager giving Sarome a huge payment, and rescues the girls in time.  As things get worse, Japanese children are beginning to suffer from malnourishment.   Then Jin, acting on his own again, decides to go fishing.   Although Kyosuke accuses him of relaxing while they are all busy investigating, Jin cleverly baits the Egos kaijin into attacking him.  He tags a transmitter onto the kaijin and traces their fish supply route to Tokyo Aquarium, so Battle Fever can ride in to confront Egos.  

Comment:  When I was little this was one of my favorite episodes, because of its complex and dastardly strategy. 

36 "An Explosion at the Wedding" Bomb Kaijin
Bomb Kaijin

Maria attends the wedding of her cousin, Yoshiko.   Yoshiko and Maria are the same age, and grew up together.   As a wedding gift, she gives Yoshiko an inscribed music box.   However, during the reception, Sarome switches the music box with an identical box implanted with a bomb.   When Yoshiko opens the box, Maria hears the bomb ticking and throws it out the window just in time.   However, as it was Maria’s gift, everyone accuses her of planting the bomb out of jealousy of her cousin.  After she is arrested by the police, Tetsuzan Shogun arranges for her release to Battle Fever’s custody.   The only hope of clearing her name, is to find the real music box with Maria’s inscription.  As Egos also searches for the real music box, they corner the wedding director, who remembers that the bride’s other cousin, a little girl named Kumi, was eyeing the music box.   When Maria also tries to talk to the director, he runs to his car which explodes upon ignition.  Her presence, witnessed by the police, further incriminates her.   However, Jin helps her escape and search for Kumi who is in danger from Egos.   They arrive just in time as Sarome gets the real music box from Kumi and is about to kill her.  With her name cleared, Maria is free to fight the real bomb kaijin.

37 "Electric Sword vs. Windmill Sword" 4 Sided Dragon God
              Dragon Kaijin

Egos steals the statue of a 4-sided dragon god, who guards over dragon cape.  The fisherman of the area worship the god, and they say that when they are in danger, the god will rise and protect them.  So when Takeshi, a young boy from the village sees Egos trying to dynamite the rock below the statue, he rushes to protect the statue and is caught in the explosion and thrown off the cliff.   However, even after drifting 20 hours in the sea, when he is washed ashore he is perfectly unharmed.  Shiro suggests that the 4-sided dragon god protected him.  Egos agents impersonating men from the Culture Department then come to collect the statue of the god.    When Shiro tries to pursue them, Takeshi stows away and is caught, and in order to protect him, Shiro surrenders.   Satan Egos then extracts the power of the 4-sided dragon god from the statue and creates a kaijin that not only has all the power of the dragon god, but resembles him as well.   While imprisoned, Shiro learns the reason Takeshi is so protective of the god, is that his father is a fisherman lost at sea, and he is praying for the god to help his father get home.  Meanwhile, the new kaijin begins terrorizing the town for diamonds to make its reactor more powerful, and Battle Fever is no match for him with his godly power.  Shiro then tricks the guards into escaping his prison, and joins the others.  However as Takeshi is relying on the 4-sided dragon god to help his father get home, he begs Shiro not to destroy the kaijin.  Keiko and Tomoko arrive and with the statute of the 4-sided dragon god, to prove to Takeshi that this kaijin is not the dragon god, and he relents.  But with the power of the god, the kaijin is so powerful that Battle Fever cannot destroy him even with Penta Force.  So Tetsuzan Shogun himself arrives, and defeats the kaijin with his katana!

Comment: Another one of my favorite episodes.  We even get to see Tetsuzan Shogun show off his kendo skill!

38 "A Mysterious Costume Party" Skull Mushroom Kaijin
              Mushroom Kaijin

Egos creates a kaijin who appears to be a poisoned man.   When the poisoned man is taken to the hospital and cannot be cured, he is the taken to the Blood Research Center, where he has access to all of the poisons in the world.   After he has stolen all of the poisons, Battle Fever pursues him to a mysterious costume party hosted by Miss Fujiko (where a kaijin would fit right in).  So Battle Fever crashes the party (in the native garb of their respective countries).  But everyone at the party turns out to be Egos and the entire party, one big trap.  

39 "Friend Who Became the Devil" Hyde Kaijin
Hyde Kaijin

Jin goes to his yearly physical at Johoku University, and his physician and friend Dr. Sekine seems to be showing the signs of an ulcer.  Sarome lures him to a facility called the immortal club, where they reveal he has malignant cancer and 3 months left to live.   They then give him the option of joining Egos and having immortality.  Egos turns him into a Jekyl/Hyde type of vampire.   Fearing for his friend Jin asks Kenya to brew him some African herbal remedy, when they discover the vampire.  The proximity to Sekine’s condo makes Jin begin to suspect his friend.  Unable to control his transformations, Sekine kills his rival and his supervisor, giving him promotion after promotion.  Battle Fever moved to protect his love interest, Noriko and they confirm their suspicions. 

40 "Beautiful Teacher in Danger" Study Kaijin
Study Kaijin

Egos creates a brilliant, intellectual kaijin, who only wants to study.   Requesting study partners, Egos kidnaps the most gifted youngsters around.  Battle Fever moves to protect one gifted boy, Hojo Tatsuya, heir to the Hojo Trust Company.  So Maria disguises herself as his tutor, but winds up getting caught along with Tatsuya.   Although Sarome recognizes her, the kaijin spares her life as Tatsuya insists that they keep her as their tutor.   When they are alone, Tatsuya reveals he’s not really gifted and was just faking it for his reputation.  He is eventually found out and they are thrown in the dungeon with the rest of the kidnapped children.  But Maria folds an origami crane that they fly out the window and by sheer luck reaches the others who are searching for them.        

Comment: This episode runs like a boogeyman story.   Better study hard or the Study Kaijin will get you!  It’s silly, but Maria is so cute in her study outfit.

41 "A Turn Around Just Before th Explosion" Kintaro,
Mechanical Kaijin

Masaru is caught in the middle of an armed bank robbery.   The bank robbers discover a small mechanical doll in one of the boxes, that grows into a full sized person.   He claims to be Kintaro, an android from the planet Ashigara, and saves Masaru.  Naturally, Battle Fever is suspicious, but after an examination they cannot determine that he is from Egos.   As he hangs out with Masaru, he paints manhole covers with paint he claims can be detected from his planet, but secretly he is marking the entrances to Battle Fever headquarters, and discretely attacks Battle Fever.   However, as he spends time with Masaru, he begins to learn the meaning of friendship.   Then, he stages the rescue of a little girl from Sarome who has her at gunpoint.  This earns Battle Fever’s trust and they bring him into their base.  But Jin, investigating the warehouse where the bank robbers found him, and discover that he is truly Egos.   When his true nature is exposed, he threatens to blow up Battle Fevers’ base, but his friendship with Masaru make him reconsider.  He leaves the base for an open battle with Battle Fever, and before he is destroyed, bids farewell to the friend that he has gained.  

42 "Electrified Human Gives the Spark of Love" Electric Kaijin

Egos creates a kaijin who attacks people and turns them into “electrified humans”, who shock normal people with high voltage when they touch them.   While attending a folk dance festival, Kyosuke gets attacked and turned into an electrified human and thrown into a river.  When he surfaces, he inadvertently touches a young boy, Hiroshi, and the electrical shock sends the Hiroshi into a coma.   The boy’s sister, Yoko, accuses him of being a monster.   Despite all of their scientific efforts, Battle Fever cannot revert Kyosuke.  When Kyosuke tries to visit Hiroshi at the hospital, Yoko forces him to leave.  Everywhere electrified people are sent to the hospital and they are ostracized, feared and hated (Similar to the AIDS epidemic).   Kyosuke actually gets stoned at the hospital.  Despite her hatred of him, Kyosuke escorts the ambulance with Hiroshi and Yoko.  However, Egos attacks the ambulance and turns Hiroshi’s sister into an electrified person as well.    Realizing her folly, she runs to defend Kyosuke as Egos beats him.  They the discover that when two electrified people touch, the electricity is discharged from the atmosphere and they are saved.  

Comment:  This episode is very similar to the X-Men (defending those who hate you), and in particular Rogue who hurts anyone she touches.

43 "Assassin Jyakkaru" Gorongo Kaijin

Egos hires an assassin, codenamed Jyakkaru.  So Shiro decides to brush up on his marksmanship, just in case.   While at the shooting range, he runs into Takeuchi Tsuyoshi, his old friend from Africa, with whom Shiro had worked on wildlife preservation.   Little does Shiro know that Tsuyoshi is Jyakkaru.  Battle Fever receives a message that Egos is planning to bomb the World Peace Center, which is a trap to give Jyakkaru an opportunity to shoot Battle Fever.   However, when he shoots Battle Kenya, the battle suit protects Shiro, and the bullet ricochets and hits an innocent little girl, Megumi.   As they are visiting her in the hospital, Jyakkaru tries again, but discovers that Battle Kenya is his old friend Shiro.   In his hesitation, the others catch him, and Shiro is shocked by disbelief.   Egos intervenes, and Tsuyoshi escapes.   Shiro is devastated, and recalls Tsuyoshi’s compassion, when he held a dying lion cub in his arms for 3 days and nights, nursing it back to health.  However, Jyakkaru trying to retain his reputation, kidnaps Megumi and issues a challenge to Shiro.  Although he knows Tsuyoshi is a much better shot, Shiro rushes to duel his old friend.   In their confrontation, Shiro cannot bring himself to shoot his Tsuyoshi and drops his gun.  As he walks towards Megumi, Tsuyoshi shoots, but only hits Shiro’s shoulder.  Egos then attacks the scene, and Tsuyoshi is killed in the explosions.   Shiro is left to mourn his old friend, and believe that there must have been some compassion left in his heart in order for him to miss.

44 "Tsukikage Family of Hell Valley" Tsukikage Family,
Queen Fantasy Kaijin
Queen Fantasy

Egos recruits Monshiro Ocho, a member of the Tsukikage family.  The Tsukikage clan is a family of ninjas who stay hidden in the mountains to live a peaceful life.  When they refuse to collaborate with Egos, Egos impersonates Battle Fever and kills Tsukikage Reiko, another member who was studying music in Tokyo.  In her dying breath, she sends a signal flare with Battle Fever’s symbol “J”.  Immediately Battle Fever becomes the target of the Tsukikage family, seeking revenge.  Maria, Kyosuke, and Shiro are all attacked separately by different members of the Tsukikage family, using various magical ninja techniques.   Masao then reveals that when he was younger, and training in his martial arts, he fell from a cliff, and was found and cared for by the Tsukikage family.  So he immediately sets out to find the head of the Tsukikage clan and declare Battle Fever’s innocence.  To prove his integrity, he engages the Tsukikage leader in a sword fight, and seeing the purity of heart in his katana, the Tsukikage leader believes him.  However, Tsukikage member, Musasabi Kozo follows Masao, and falls into another trap set by the fake Battle Fever.   This time though, Shiro and Jin arrive in time to save him, and the Tsukikage have their revenge against the real murderers. 

Comment: A more interesting portral of Japanese ninjas, than the stereotypical Hollywood version.  

45 "Five Minutes Before the Heart Stopped" Heart Kaijin
Heart Kaijin

Egos kidnaps Dr. Osawa, a famous heart surgeon, and forces him to perform a special enriched heart into their latest kaijin.   The heart is 100 times stronger than a normal heart, giving the kaijin superior athletic ability, and they have the doctor transplant it into an irregular location.   They then keep him under house arrest in the mountains.   However, Shiro and Jin arrive to rescue him, as he is needed to perform a heart operation for a dying little boy, Kenta.   As they try to escape the kaijin pursues them with his fantastic athletic ability, and nearly drowns Shiro.   Jin then remains behind to fight as the doctor runs away.   He is also defeated by the kaijin, but manages to rescue and Shiro.   The next morning the doctor is caught again, but Battle Japan rescues him (riding in on horseback).  As they face off with the kaijin, they cannot defeat him because they don’t know the kaijin’s secret.   In order to keep Dr. Osawa silent, Egos raids his home in the middle of the night and to kidnap his family.   However, Maria has taken their place to protect them.   With his family safely in custody, Dr. Osawa reveals that the kaijin’s heart is located in its head, and that the back of the head is not armored.   With Egos defeated, they get Dr. Osawa back to the hospital in time to save Kenta.

Note: Jin plays the trumpet in this episode to distract the enemy and announce his arrival, an homage to Ban Daisuke's previous series, Kikaida-01

46 "The Cursed Straw Doll" Cursed Kaijin

A boy named Igawa Takuro is hiding in the park, hammering a nail into a paper doll, trying to curse someone.   Sarome arrives and hands him a straw doll to hammer into, which grows into the full sized Egos kaijin and promises to grant his curse.   In the firelight ritual, the kaijin hammers the nail in his chest, and transfers the powerful curse.   The curse turns out to be on Tomoko and Yuki, who experience extreme pain in the night.   When they receive a prank call, Battle Fever discovers Takuro, who turns out to be Yuki’s classmate.  When he is reprimanded by his parents and Shiro, he vows to curse them at 3PM.  Surely enough, at 3PM all three experience extreme pain, and Takuro revels in his victory.  All over, people begin approaching Takuro, asking him to help them curse their rivals.   When Yuki confronts him, she begins to realize that his behavior stemmed from an unrequited crush he had on her.  Takuro runs to rendezvous with Sarome, when Battle Fever arrives to intervene.   But they are overpowered by the the kaijin’s curse, which he says will kill them in 3 days.   When Takuro publicly announces this latest curse, he is immediately vilified for cursing Japan’s heroes.   But Battle Fever arrives to protect him.  Finally repentant, Takuro tells Battle Fever of his initial encounter with Sarome.   They then figure out that the power of the curse lies in the nail in the kaijin’s chest, and they all work to pry it from him and break the curse.

47 "The Mysterious Baseball Scheme" Left Handed Kaijin
Left Handed

A baseball pitcher, Horiuchi Yutaka, who previously had no exceptional talent, begins pitching spectacularly fast balls (in excess of 200 km/h).  He appears to be among a number of left-handed athletes who suddenly gained fantastic athletic prowess overnight.   Suspicous, Battle Fever begins to investigate.  However, when Maria questions Yutaka, he is offended at the notion that the abilities are not his own.   But, his children Minoru and Kimiko, remember that his prowess suddenly appeared after playing in an arcade, particularly a left-handed arm-wrestling machine.   Maria investigates the machine, and discovers that an Egos kaijin is actually hidden inside, granting people athletic powers for some mysterious purpose.   Egos then subliminally sends a message to all their athletes to join the World Peace Convention Sports Rally.  As Battle Fever investigates, they realize the athletes would be in a perfect position to attack the dignitaries at the convention.   Minoru and Kimiko try to convince Yutaka that he is being manipulated, but he doesn’t believe them.   Maria then challenges Yutaka, figuring that if a woman can hit his fantastic fast ball, he will listen to reason.  So Tetsuzan Shogun, equating baseball with kendo, trains Maria in swordsmanship (similar to Ichiro of the Mariners) .   With her training, she actually his his 200 km/h fastball out of the field, and lures out the kaijin.

48 "A Thief and a Juvenille Delinquent" Thief Kaijin
Thief Kaijin

While shopping, with Kyosuke, Keiko and Tomoko gets their purses stolen by a young boy named Shige.   After getting away, Shige meets up with his young sister Kayo, and they plan on finally having something to eat.  But when they get home a sinister man, their benefactor, is waiting for them, and roughly takes all the money.   With only a few coins, they buy what food they can.  The next day, Kyosuke follows Shige around like a hawk, and prevents him from stealing anything else.   With no income, Shige gets severely beaten when he arrives home.  Kyosuke, still following, encounters their benefactor who turns out to be an Egos kaijin.  After fighting and withdrawing, Kyosuke learns that Shige and Kayo’s mother died, and their father is nowhere to be found leaving a huge debt.  In exchange for food and kerosene, the Egos kaijin forced them to steal.  Unfortunately, after Kyosuke leaves, Egos rounds up Shige, and many other thieves in their employ and forces them into a prisoner camp.   While in the camp, Shige discovers his dad alive, though a fellow prisoner.  Egos straps a bomb to the wrist of every prisoner and sends them on a massive crime spree.   Kyosuke again catches Shige stealing, but Shige shows him the bomb and begs for his help.  He then takes Kyosuke back to the prison camp where they encounter the kaijin.  Just before the kaijin blows them up, the others arrive and destroy the detonator saving all the unwitting thieves.

49 "2nd Grade Class No. 5, Rebel Army" Catchfly Kaijin

Ego creates a kaijin that changes into a catchfly plant (like a Venus Flytrap).  It then hides in Masaru’s classroom, where the students are all excited about watching it eat flies.  It then hypnotizes them, and turns them all into juvenile delinquents.  Although he is caught several times, Masaru successfully lies his way out of trouble.  The kaijin steps up their education, and begins having them build bombs.   Keiko, Tomoko, and their teacher, discover the conspiracy, and are tied up at the school with the first bomb.   Battle Fever arrives just in time to diffuse the bomb and break the spell.

50 "The Masked Ogre" Hedda,
Bearded Kaijin
Tetsuzan Shogun,

Hedda has mastered the deceitful martial art of Jashin style, killing his own sensei, Oni Ikkaku.   Jashin’s ruthless axiom of “do anything to win” encourages trickery and Hedda blinds his opponents before striking with his hook.  He then targets Tetsuzan Shogun’s martial arts masters, Fujinami Hakuun, and his brother Ojami Ryuzan, of the One Sword Style.   With each successive murder, Tetsuzan Shogun is further enraged and heartbroken, and wants to accept Hedda’s challenge of a duel.   But Jin, being the voice of reason, does not want to expose their leader and key strategist to an obvious trap.   When he does not show, Hedda kidnaps Keiko and Masaru.  This is the final straw, and Tetsuzan Shogun accepts the challenge.    In a magnificent swordfight, although blinded, he successfully kills Hedda and all of his pupils.  

NOTE: Tetsuzan Shogun duels Commander Hedda and kills him.

51 "Egos' Ceremony for Revenge"

Earthen Figure Robo,
Sports Robo,
Galaxian Robo,
Hedda Kaijin

Hedda Kaijin


Satan Egos takes Hedda’s remains and transforms him into a kaijin with ESP powers.   To call Battle Fever to battle, the Hedda kaijin resurrects multiple past giant robos, the Earthen Figure Robo (Ep. 6), the Sports Robo (Ep. 8), and the Galaxian Robo (Ep 14).  They fly in with Battle Shark and the Battle Fever Robo to fight all 3 once again.   When they realize that it is the kaijin that is controlling their previous foes, they disembark and destroy the kaijin.   However, Hedda’s eye attaches itself to Battle Kenya’s boot, and infiltrates their base.   The robot mynah Kyutaro goes crazy trying to warn Shiro about the eye, but no one understands him.  In the middle of the night, the Hedda kaijin resurrects himself from the eyeball, and lurks down the hallway to assassinate Tetsuzan Shogun.   But the Shogun’s senses are too keen, and he confronts the kaijin.   Hedda then reveals that he has explosives strapped to his body and threatens to blow up their entire base in 10 seconds.  This time, it is Kyutaro who saves the day, revealing a secret freezing spray.   Battle Fever quickly takes the frozen Hedda outside and irradiates him to ashes.   They then need to give the Battle Fever Robo an extra power boost to destroy the Hedda Robo.   

52 "The Hero's Symphony" Monster Making Capsule,
Satan Egos

With Hedda destroyed, Satan Egos vows to use his final strategy.   First, they create an earthquake machine that begins to wreak havoc on Japan.  Then, while Kyosuke and Shiro are investigating, a mysterious woman named Ichijoji Ayako requests a clandestine rendezvous.   Masao meets her in the park and she shows his photographs of Egos headquarters and the earthquake machine, offering to sell a map to the location for 1 billion yen.  When they go to make the exchange, Egos attacks, and they determine that the woman is really Sarome in disguise.  In the hospital, Sarome claims that Egos was going to cause a massive earthquake to destroy all of Japan, and that she wanted to escape with her life to South America.    She hands over a microfilm hidden in her tooth that leads Battle Fever to Egos Headquarters.   After battling their way in, they meet Satan Egos face-to-face for the first time.   It turns out to be a trap, as his final strategy is to Battle Fever into the Monster Making Capsule, and turn them into the ultimate kaijin.   Just before they melt away, they destroy the heart of the Monster Making Capsule and are freed.  Satan Egos leaves, destroying the Egos headquarters (and crushing Sarome).    Ouside, he begins to use all his power to unleash Armageddon.  Battle Fever uses the Battle Fever Robo with all of their power to finally destroy him once and for all.   Finally triumphant, they ride off into the sunset.  

NOTE: The End

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